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Prevent pests from getting into your home or building with complete residential or commercial pest control services.
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Pest Control Southborough MA

Systematic Pest Control Services in Southborough, MA

By following the same routine when treating for pests in Southborough, MA Marlboro Pest Control keeps your costs low while ensuring maximum effectiveness. First, we identify what kind of pest it is and take into account its biology and habits. From there, we use EPA-approved products to treat the area to get the pests out and keep them from coming back.

Exceptional Commercial Pest Control in Southborough, MA

Marlboro Pest Control has over 30 years of experience controlling pests in industrial and commercial structures. We understand the common pests in Southborough, MA and we have treated buildings of all sizes. The owner of Marlboro Pest Control is a licensed builder who has a strong understanding of how pest control relates to the structure itself, whether that structure is a small single-story shop, a large warehouse, or a multi-story building. Inspecting before construction, renovation, or demolition may demonstrate a need for treatment before construction even begins. By completing the inspection beforehand, Marlboro Pest Control can help to control pests inside the structure and out.

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Strategic Residential Pest Control in Southborough, MA

Marlboro Pest Control offers plans that target specific pests, such as wasps, mice, and ants. Your home is likely the biggest purchase you will ever make, and we work to keep it pest free. We offer many plans that target your specific needs. We also provide a range of services like our Homeowners Plan. The Homeowners Plan provides coverage for many pests for a full 12-months. Additionally, we also address bats, squirrels, and other wildlife. Marlboro Pest Control has the experience to help you with your pest problem.

A pest inspection and Wood Destroying insect report are often needed for VA or conventional financing if you are purchasing a home in Southborough, MA. Marlboro Pest Control has the ability to provide these reports.

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