Condo/Rental Pest Control

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As with residential properties, we treat all common pests. Controlling pests in condominiums and rental properties have some characteristics that are different from single-family homes, although many situations are similar.

Unique characteristics include:

– Existence of common areas (e.g., community centers, laundry facilities, hallways, pool areas, garages, fences)
– Walls and voids that are shared by one or more units
– A possible mix of owners and tenants for condos
– Possible existence of a management company

We offer cost-effective contracts for regular inspections of the property and treatment when necessary. We can include individual condo units or apartments in our contract, or we can be on-call for service as needed. Our cost-effective contracts are individualized for each situation. The case studies below give a flavor of the way we provide services. In most cases, we agree to yearly contracts but the timing of service can be at intervals that suit each case.


We provide contracts for:

– regularly scheduled inspections and treatment where necessary
– on-call service
– a combination of scheduled visits and on-call service

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