Other Small Pests

pest control servicesEarwigs are harmless insects that can be annoying indoor pests in our area. Sowbugs and pillbugs are other small pests that annoy, but do not bite or do other damage. These can usually be eliminated by screens and other mechanical barriers. Silverfish are silvery, soft-bodied insects that can damage paper and books. They cannot fly. Centipedes and millipedes are crawling creatures with many legs (myriapods). Centipedes are larger and faster than millipedes. Millipedes often look like little worms that often curl up.

Daddy long legs are harmless, but scary-looking relatives of spiders.
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Once eliminated, small pests can generally be kept out of the home by removing their living and hiding spaces. These pests often prefer small, dark and damp places and enjoy hiding in stacks of firewood, piles of grass clippings and dead leaves, mulch, crawlspaces, and basements. Waterproofing damp spaces such as basement walls and moving the above outdoor elements from your home’s foundation can reduce the chances of encountering these pests.
WARNING! Small pests are considered unclean and can be a constant nuisance.
Do not attempt to exterminate them by yourself.
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