We offer several contract plans for controlling termites. Termite colonies can live for many years, and termite control is an on-going effort. Termites in our area tend to become relatively inactive in colder weather, although nests can continue to be active in heated houses. The goal is to prevent termite infestations by eliminating termites near the treated structures. On exceptional occasions, we agree to partial termite treatments, which are usually not as effective for control as full treatments.

Contract Plans

Plan Description
Pre-construction Sub-Termite treatment Before a foundation is poured, we apply a soil termiticide product to eliminate termites present. The termiticide has a long-lasting residual action and forms a barrier to termites for a number of years, and contract-specified warrantee period.
Termiticide treatment with trenching For termite treatment after a foundation is in place, a termiticide product can be applied around the outside of a foundation. Our contract warantees the treatment for a number of years.
Under-slab chemical treatment We drill 1/2” holes through an existing foundation and apply a termiticide product. Then, we fill the holes with hydraulic cement. The termiticide action is long lasting. Our contract warantees the treatment for a number of years.

Partial Treatment with No Contract

There are unusual situations where we agree to treat for termites in a specific area instead of treating the whole structure. An example would be a mild termite infestation of one wall in an old shed.

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