Tick Spraying

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Tick Control Program

Marlboro Pest Control also offers a tick control program. Treatments for preventing and eliminating ticks should be done several times per year; in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Our tick control treatments are effective and comprehensive, and cover a large area of your property.

If you are active outdoors, in your garden, entertaining with cookouts, or have children and animals that romp around your yard, you want to give some serious thought to having tick control treatments. Tick bites cause Lyme disease, and lyme disease needs to be treated seriously and with prescription medications. BUT, lyme disease is totally preventable!

What areas are treated around your property during the tick applications?

– The first 10′ border of grass that meets the woods
– Wooded areas (we will spray a 10′ deep & 4′ high protective band)
– Tips of tall grass and weeds
– Low Brush (ticks are usually found up to 36″)
– Ornamental ground cover that is in shaded areas (i.e.:Pachysandra)
– Landscape beds that are shaded
– Stone walls & Leaf litter
– Bush & Wood piles
– Under porches and sheds

Timing of Treatments

Spring: (April – June)
Summer: (July – August)
Fall: (September – October)

Cycle of Tick Controlled

Nymph (has the most impact on Public Health)
Nymph & Young Adult populations
Adults (gains control throughout the cool months)

This is going to be a very bad year for Ticks! Contact us today at 508-485-3721 to schedule your tick prevention treatment today!

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