Residential Pest Control

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We offer cost-effective residential pest control service plans to suit many situations. Our comprehensive annual plan is a fixed-price service that includes most pests. The fixed price covers all visits that are needed for control of the pests. Our single-pest plans are appropriate for people who have a single pest that usually needs multiple treatments (e.g., carpenter ants or mice). We also offer general inspections to assess your situation, and wood-destroying insect inspections suitable when buying or selling a home. We are licensed for wildlife control and treat for squirrel and bat control.

Our residential pest control service plans do not include termite treatments. Instead, we offer a variety of termite treatment services, described on the termite page. Most termite contracts are for more than one year because of the nature of termites.

Our prices are usually not dependent on the size of the residence, and we treat outbuildings and pool areas too, usually at no additional cost. If you have a real mansion, we might need to charge a bit more. Please contact us to find out about our seasonal and senior discounts.

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Residential Pest Control Service Plans

Pest Control Service Plan Description
Comprehensive Annual Homeowner’s Plan Covers all pests in the Pest Guide, except for termitessquirrelsbats, and other wildlife. Includes spring and fall exterior treatment to discourage pests, and annual full-house inspection. Runs from year to year starting on any date. Can be transferred to new owners if property is sold.
Carpenter Ant Plan Covers all ants,including carpenter ants, for the typical ant season in eastern Massachusetts (spring through fall).
Mouse Plan Covers mice for two to three visits, typically a month apart. This is usually sufficient to control a typical mouse problem.
Bees and Wasps Plan Covers beeswaspshornets, and yellow jackets for the typical season in eastern Massachusetts (usually spring through fall).
Other Plans Other single pests that may require multiple treatments are Indian Meal Mothsmillipedes, and lady bugs. Please contact us for details.

Pest Inspections

Inspection Type Description
General Inspection Inspection of inside and outside of residence for pest and pest damage. Verbal report. Potential trouble areas will be pointed out and suggestion given. Any actual treatment would be negotiated and priced separately.
Termite Inspection Termite inspection and estimates for recommended treatment is done free of charge. However, if the problem is not termites, then a fee will be charged for the visit. We will be prepared to treat for most non-termite problems if you want treatment.
Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection The presence of wood destroying insects (WDI) in a home can present a significant hazard due to structural damage if infestations are undetected or left untreated. Damage from wood destroying insects (WDI) could result in the devaluation of a property or substantial costs for structural repairs.The purpose of the wood destroying insect (WDI) inspection in a real estate transaction is to provide an independent factual report of the absence or presence of termite, carpenter ant, carpenter bee, and wood boring beetle infestations and damage.
Rodent Inspection Before Demolition As a part of their building demolition requirement checklist, most towns mandate extermination work prior to issuing a demolition permit. The concern is that any rodents present will re-locate once a building is demolished. This abatement requirement provides proof to the town that the building has been properly treated and the premise is free from mouse and rat activity.

Other Pest and Wildlife Services

Service Type Description
Squirrels, Flying squirrels, Bat Control Squirrels, Flying Squirrels and Bats require special intensive treatment that is priced according to the situation. The treatment usually includes trapping and closing of entry points. We have a restricted service area for these services. Please contact us for details.
One-Time Pest Services Some pests usually require only one treatment for successful control. In these cases, we can charge on a per-visit basis. Contact us for details.


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